About us

THE Idea and Goal

Simply, the goal of Tradie Exchange is to connect tradies and trades professionals so they can help each other get ahead - that is, get jobs, make money & make it hassle free!

The concept of Tradie Exchange came from ongoing conversations with the Trade & Suppliers as to what was 'missing' in the industry and how we could help each other succeed.

The general view was that there was a lack of a single forum for Tradies and Trade Professionals who work across Residential & Commercial projects to;

  1. quickly & easily source or allocate work between each other
  2. get 'passed on' or 'referred' for new business to people outside of their immediate networks 
  3. search for materials and deals from suppliers that are in stock and 'available now' 
  4. recycle or exchange supplies & materials with other members of the network
  5. discuss issues covering each trade on how to be successful in business or overcome problems

Essentially what was needed was a Professional "Facebook/LinkedIn for Tradies" where you connect and take action.

The Company

Headquartered in Sydney, Tradie Exchange Pty Ltd is a private company
incorporated in September 2010, and the website TradieExchange.com.au
was soft launched in June 2011.

The People

The company's Directors and founding Shareholders are comprised of three tradies, a builder, an internet technology whiz, an internet marketing expert and a network of ambassadors who are committed to the goals and growth of Tradie Exchange.

From the Beginning

For a deep and meaningful on how it all started, you can read our full story. The first Tradie Exchange started with these three words "Can I help?". Read More Here >>

The team

Executive Director
Marketing & Strategy
Executive Director
Business Development
Executive Director 
Commercialisation & Innovation
Executive Director
Technology & Solutions