Partners And Sponsors


We are interested in forming relationships with a limited number of Sponsors.

These will be entities who have built up high levels of trust within the industry and who we can confidently endorse to members of the Tradie Exchange Network. Your business will offer Products & Services that offer wide reaching value to the Building, Construction & Trades Community.

In securing a Primary Sponsorship position with Tradie Exchange this will allow us to shape the types of communication and activity we can share with the Tradie Exchange Network - helping to increase your business reach and secure your leadership position in the market.

Your participation will help Tradie Exchange to continue increasing our reach across the Industry and to expand the value of our offering to the market.
Please make an enquiry and request a confidential discussion.


We are interested in building a network of Referral Partners.

You may be a business who works with a number of Trade Contractors & Builders and you supply goods or services to the industry. Alternatively, you may be looking to grow your network by offering a number of value-added services.

We understand how the networking & referral markets work and have set up the following programs:

Tradie Exchange - Referral Partner Program

This is a direct referral program where you have a number of contacts that you would recommend joining Tradie Exchange. You think our service is great, and can see a number of benefits for your contacts too. You don't want to make too much of a fuss in setting people up, but you can receive some of the upside by receiving a Referral & Rewards code that is linked back to you.

We offer a tiered commission program.

Tradie Exchange - Connections Partner Program

This is a step up from direct referrals, where you're adding additional value to the members you introduce to Tradie Exchange. You are already operating a business which provides added value advice and services and you can see that Tradie Exchange would be a great service to add to your portfolio. A Tradie Exchange Connections Partner can receive a host of extra benefits:

- Referral & Rewards Code

- Marketing & Promotions on Tradie Exchange

- Extra Support & Training

We offer a tiered commission program.

For a further discussion please phone or email:

Aroha Blake, Marketing Director: 0411 489 360